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Featured Member Friday: Kellie Hasenfratz

  February 16, 2018

Congrats, Kellie! And Happy Birthday!

It’s Featured Member Friday again! Each week we feature one of our members by asking them why they started CrossFit! 🙂

1. When did you start CrossFit?

I started CF in July of 2015 I believe.

2. Why did you start CrossFit?

I joined DD for a variety of reasons. The biggest reason for joining was my grandmother had recently fallen (for the 8th or 9th time) and broken 3 bones in her leg. Yes she was in her 90s, but I made a decision right there. Right in that very moment that I received the phone call that I refused to be a statistic as I age. Now I realize that I am far from that age. But I also realize that if you dont “use it, you lose it”. I watched as this life altering fall also impacted my mom as she became a crucial part of my grandmothers routine in her daily life. She literally had no time for anything else. I absolutely refuse to do that to my daughter. So I began. It was incredibly difficult. I was incredibly sore. But I continued to push. I came regularly every week. I have managed to maintain that for about 2 1/2 years. The impact it has had and continues to have far exceeds any and all expectations i had initially. One of the other obvious reasons for joining was I simply was not happy with my body, I still have quite a way to go…..but I am loving the journey. Its about the journey not the finish line!

3. What’s your favorite thing about coming to CrossFit?
To name one thing I love about coming every day is difficult. It has become my therapy. It has become a family activity. Its a time to socialize with people I now consider family. Its a time to encourage one another. To set goals, and smash them. To vent and let out steam. To show myself what I am really capable of. To burn off the day. There are so many more reasons, but those are the main reasons.

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