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Featured Member Friday: Steven Lugo

  June 8, 2018

Each week we like to highlight one of our members and share their stories about why they started CrossFit and what keeps them coming back!


This week is Steven Lugo from CrossFit Dig Deep!


1. When Did You Start CrossFit?

I started CrossFit in late March of 2018 in a box called CrossFit 325 in Abilene, TX. I went here for the one week I was down there and picked back up here at CF DD!

2. Why Did You Start CrossFit?
Mainly to get out of my comfort zone while the majority of my time was doing muscle isolation workouts. My first CrossFit training class got me hooked after I realized how much variance was involved.
3. What’s your favorite thing about coming to CrossFit?
I love showing up and giving my training all I have then leaving feeling like I just got better in a movement.
4. What’s your most/least favorite movement?
Most favorite movement would have to be deadlifts. The least favorite is the muscle ups(probably because I rip everytime).

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