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Mobility Monday with Rachel: Tight Hip Flexors

  October 8, 2018

Hey yall! Back again for another Mobility Monday! This week we are taking a look at our hip flexors. Rachel is here to help us loosen up with a little daily mobility!


In the body, there there are many times when one problem can be disguised as another. We can be tricked into treated a problem, but not treating the source. You may be able to get by for awhile like this, but you will never truly feel better or perform better without getting to the root of the cause.


The hip flexors can be tricky this way. Many people believe their hamstrings are tight. This is sometimes the case. But what most people don’t know is tight hip flexors can often change the position of the pelvis. Since the hamstrings have an attachment to the pelvis, it can leave them in a stretched position making them appear tight or short. In the photo below, you can see a visual of what we are talking about here.


This can be a difficult area to assess yourself. If you have ever believed your hamstrings were tight and had difficulty addressing the restriction with stretches, you may need to be checked by a professional who is familiar with this issue. You may be able to fix the problem by giving your hip flexors a little more attention. The video gives a detailed description of how to do this. The big thing to remember when performing these stretches is to keep your low back neutral. Fight the urge to increase the curve in your low back.


Give this a try if you know your hip flexors are tight! But if you have concerns about lingering problems that could be disguised, come see me!


Have a great week and keep stretching!


-Rachel Atufunwa, PT, DPT 

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