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5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Fitness Challenges (ft. Coach Mike)

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With the upcoming Fall Fitness Challenge headed our way, I thought it would only be fitting to provide some tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years when it comes to getting the most out of fitness challenges.

Whether you’re doing this to lose weight, become a better athlete or are shooting for the top prize, these five tips below will help guarantee that you reach your maximum potential for the challenge.

  1. Have a Support System

The first key to success in a fitness challenge is having someone there that’s got your back. This could be a spouse, a gym buddy or even a group of co-workers; you just need someone there to keep you on the straight and narrow and provide positive feedback when moments of weakness arrive.


If you’re “accountabili-buddy” is also doing the challenge, you can help each other out by meal-prepping together, going to the same gym classes or sharing healthy recipes. If your support group is outside of the challenge, make them hold you accountable for things like what you eat at work, when you’re going to the gym and just keeping an overall pulse on how the challenge is going.


If there are several of you that are doing the challenge together, make things more interesting by holding a side bet. This doesn’t have to be financially-motivated, but claiming bragging rights is always nice. If that’s not enough, throw in something involving personal embarrassment – that usually does the trick.

  1. Have a Game Plan

One of the biggest causes of failure in fitness challenges is not knowing how much work it will take and how to get everything done. Many people assume you can just sign up and hit the ground running. The whole point of these challenges is to shake up the status quo, so if you’re expecting to find success by continuing what you’re doing already, you’re likely to stunt your results.


This is particularly true with handling your nutrition. Although what you actually ingest won’t change your score directly, it will play a part in other scored areas. The first is obviously in the body composition. You can’t outwork a bad diet. Also, making sure you’re taking in quality fuel will help you recover more quickly so you’re able to get all seven fitness points per week.  If you know your weekly schedule is packed, set aside time on the weekend to meal prep, or at the very least, plan on purchasing quality prepared meals in advance.

  1. Have a Goal

Having a goal at the beginning of a challenge is a good way to fight off the low points you’ll encounter. There are bound to be times where your resolve in the challenge will be tested, so knowing you can still achieve your goal will help push you through.


The goals don’t have to be specifically related to the challenge, either.  Sure, you can have one where you want to get to a certain body composition, or even attend a certain number of classes over the challenge. But you can also have one that you want to drop your time on a benchmark WOD by a certain amount, or hit a target weight on one of the lifts.

  1. Make it a Priority

This goes along with almost everything else in life; unless something is a priority of yours, it’s likely to get pushed farther and farther back on your agenda. During the six weeks of the challenge, there’s going to be times where a more attractive alternative is being offered instead of going to the gym or preparing a healthy meal. If your success in this challenge is a priority of yours, it will make it a lot easier to turn down these alternatives.

  1. Have Fun

This is the most important step. If the challenge makes you feel like you’re in a prison of your own making, you’re not going to see the results you want and will likely not finish the challenge. If you need to, find a way to build personal rewards into the challenge to make it easier.  As mentioned earlier, challenge friends or family; talk trash; do whatever you need to do to add enjoyment to it. Remember, this is all designed for you to look better, feel better and perform better; if you’re not enjoying yourself, what’s the point?

Committed To Your Success,

-Coach Mike