R2R Chiropractic


Come on in for a consultation to learn if chiropractic is right for you or schedule an exam to get started with care. River 2 River Chiropractic is unique because it is a full service chiropractic office located inside of a world class fitness facility allowing unlimited personalization for care in all aspects of health.
Please fill out the form and Dr. Sarah will be contacting you shortly to discuss available appointment times. She and other team members at R2R Fitness are happy to answer any questions you might have about chiropractic care at River 2 River Chiropractic.

A Comprehensive and Practical Approach to Wellness

  • Movement Assessments to diagnose current fitness level
  • Treatment and Therapy for current injuries and restrictions
  • Preventative care and maintenance for lifelong wellness
  • Custom Nutrition Prescriptions for healthy and sustainable eating

- Team River 2 River