R2R Fight Club

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R2R Fight Club is the premiere institute to learn continuous fighting and self-defense techniques where the art of WINNING is taught through proven real world principles. It's a holistic approach to winning in the street, octagon, and when the need arises to defend ones self or loved ones. It's appropriate for all skill levels.

Guided under the instruction of Billy Night and Justin Wallace. Classes meet M-TH @ 8:00pm.

Address: 3660 James Sanders Blvd, Paducah, KY 42001

What You Will Learn:

  • No-Gi grappling/ self defense through submissions
  • Positioning
  • Ground striking
  • Escapes as well as how to implement an effective offense.
  • How to effectively strike by mastering timing, punching, kicking, counter attacks, and take downs.

- Team River 2 River

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