R2R Sports Training

The Grind Starts Here

R2R Sports Training is built for the athlete, no matter what your sport! We specialize in the areas of Functional Movement, Speed, Strength, Power, and Mental Toughness. We are passionate about making a positive impact on each individual and helping them perform to the highest level.

"The most important thing that has evolved in my son's time with Matt is the mentorship I see with him. Matt is caring, genuine, has patience and passion for seeing my son succeed. He has shown up to games and spent time after training just to talk and have fun. Without a doubt, I strongly recommend Matt for your child's athletic development." -Robert K

The R2R "Speed Kills" Program will evaluate each athlete's mechanics to pin point what areas need improvement. Once evaluated, we will develop a program to:

  • Increase Acceleration and Development
  • Increase Maximal Velocity
  • Enhance Ability to Change Direction
  • Improve Rate of Force Development

The R2R Strength & Power Program will break down weight training to its fundamental movements. All athletes will be monitored on form and technique so that they can learn the proper and safe way to train. Athletes will be put on a professional/collegiate style program in which they will have a personalized training card that will be used to record progressions of body weight and free weight movements.

- Team River 2 River

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