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Core Engagement! (ft. Coach Micah)

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“Engage your core!”  

How many times have you as an athlete heard this phrase from either a fellow athlete or better yet, any one of the many well educated coaches here at R2R?  It’s a phrase that’s commonly used when weight in an overhead position.  

Activating these “core” muscles becomes even more necessary when we perform Olympic lifts.  We need our torso stabilized to move under the weights that we are moving and to provide a more stable platform to complete the movement.  If we aren’t engaging our core, more often than not we miss the lift or, more seriously place ourselves at risk for injury.  

How many of us actually take the time to work on our core?  I know I haven’t devoted much time to even getting my core as strong as I could.  Our core needs just as much attention to strength and conditioning as our deadlifts and double-unders do.  Take the time to stay after a class,, attend an open gym do some accessory work on your core.  Perhaps a group cash out of tabata abs would be a nice addition to that day’s wod.  


One Core stabilizing movement I was recently introduced to was the barbell banded kettle bell press (See Video Above).  You don’t need to hang a 2 pood kb from the barbell for this to be effective.  Grab yourself some light kb’s, a band and a barbell of your choosing.  Get set up in the rig and work out some sets of shoulder presses while maintaining a strong solid core and move the barbell slowly upward to full extension and back down.  The key here is to keep the kb’s from swinging wildly about all over the place, locking down your core throughout the movement, and in turn strengthening your core.   

For any other tips on this or other core stabilizing movements, speak to any of our our knowledgeable coaches at River to River Fitness!

Committed To Your Success,

-Coach Micah